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I’ve found myself spending so much time trying to search the App Store for good educational apps that can be used for instruction.  What I have found is that it is very difficult to find quality apps through the App Store.  The best way that I have found is through visiting with teachers, collaborating with other educational professionals, reading blogs, websites and spending time browsing through those apps.

To save you some time, I wanted to provide a source to recommend different types of apps for the classroom and for teacher tools.  Here are some apps that I have found so far and I will continue to update as I come across more.

Here is the Apple in Education  link to search the recommended Education Apps for the iPad, iPod Touch or iPhone.  This link gives suggestions, but it does not give all the apps that are in the education category.  It is a great place to start.

APPitic  – This is a great site with over 1,300 reviews done by Apple Distinguished Educators.  These apps have been tested in different grade levels with many different instructional strategies.

Mind Leap  – This is an excellent site with reviews built on a five star scale.  Reviews are done on a wide range of subjects and offers a nice breakdown of statistics such as educational quality, engagement factor and shelf life.

IEAR  – This is a great site to visit.  It provides reviewed apps by teachers and allows you to look at many different categories and subject areas.

iPad Curriculum  – This is a great blog that reviews iPad apps and gives ideas on how to implement them into your classroom. This blog also has a great search bar, which makes finding apps easier.

Lucy’s iPad Resources  – This is a link to a Google Doc that has a variety of topics from classroom apps, articles and iPad resources.

40 Amazing Educational Apps for Kids  – This site provides different apps sorted by subject area.

Best Kids Apps  – We play with all the apps so you don’t have to.

Apps in Education  – This site has some great resources for e-textbooks and app reviews

Best Apps for Kids  – Featuring Free App Fridays, newsletters, app reviews, and resources.

Dozier Elementary, A Sea of iPad Resources –  Search for K-5 iPad apps selected by Dozier Elementary in Louisiana.

Middle School iPad Apps  – This page will house suggested iPad apps for Middle Schools.  The primary contact for this website is John Shoemaker ( 

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