edmodo quizzes t.i.m.e.

1. Objective

After completing this module, the professional learner will be able to:

  1. Create and assign an Edmodo quiz
  2. Understand Edmodo quizzes from a student’s perspective
  3. Access Edmodo quiz analytics

Note: this module should be done AFTER completing the “Edmodo” TIME.

2. Support

We would like you to accomplish the tasks listed below.  If you need support, please consider the following resources:

  1. Watching the video tutorial
  2. Walking through the step-by-step guide: click here
  3. Asking a colleague around you for assistance
3. Tasks
  1. Create a new quiz
    • Title your quiz “Last name – CBD”
    • Set a time limit for your quiz
    • Create at least one item of each question type
  2. Explore the quiz options
    • How could these options be helpful to you and/or your students?
  3. Preview your quiz and take the entire quiz just like you would as a student
  4. Assign your quiz to your group members
    • Be sure to check “Add to Gradebook”
  5. Take one of your colleague’s quizzes and make sure one of your colleagues takes yours
  6. After one of your colleagues has taken your quiz, explore the quiz analytics and grading options
    • CLICK for support (video and instructions)
    • Be sure to click the “Turned In” button as well as the “Progress” icon in the upper left-hand corner of your screen to see the differences in each view of the quiz scores.
    • What do you like about the Edmodo quiz analytics?
    • What would you change about it?

If you finish early, here are extension tasks to try:

  1. Explore loading and editing the quiz you just created
    • What happens when you try to edit a quiz that has already been taken?
  2. Explore loading a previous question when editing or creating a quiz
    • What are the pros/cons of the question bank formatting Edmodo uses?
  3. Explore another aspect of Edmodo Quizzes: CLICK
    • What did you learn?