google forms basic t.i.m.e.

1. Objective

After completing this module, the professional learner will be able to:

  1. Create a form in Google Drive to use for collecting data
  2. Share forms with students
  3. Review the collected data for analysis
2. Support

We would like you to accomplish the tasks listed below.  If you need support, please consider the following resources:

  1. Watching the video tutorial
  2. Searching on a Google Help page: click here (create, edit, & format)  or click here (form responses)
  3. Asking a colleague around you for assistance
  4. Asking one of the CBD trainers for assistance
3. Tasks
  1. Create a form in your Google Drive and title it
  2. Create text questions to gather your respondents’ first name, last name and email
    • Putting “First Name” and “Last Name” in separate questions will give you some additional features later
    • Email should also be a separate text question
  3. Create a multiple choice question with answers choices
    • Add help text if your questions requires it
  4. Add at least one additional question of your choice
  5. Choose a theme for your form
  6. View the form live and share it with 2-3 colleagues
  7. Once colleagues have completed their responses, explore the “View Responses” tab
  8. Choose the “Form” tab and select “Show summary of responses”
    • What do you notice? How could this information be helpful?
  1. Experiment with creating other question types
    • Notice how the results appear in the response spreadsheet and how the summary of responses looks for each question type
  2. Add a page break, image, and/or video to your form
  3. Explore the “Form Settings” at the top of your form as well as the “Advanced Settings” within each question
  4. Practice reordering, duplicating, and deleting questions