schoology t.i.m.e.

1. Objective

After completing this module, the professional learner will be able to:

  1. Deliver content (assignments, updates, and more) to students through Schoology
  2. Store files, links, and content in a Schoology folder
  3. Manage Schoology courses and members
2. Support

We would like you to accomplish the tasks listed below.  If you need support, please consider the following resources:

  1. Watching the video tutorials linked throughout this document
  2. Following the Schoology Help guides, just search for your topic click here
  3. Asking a colleague around you for assistance
  4. Asking one of the CBD trainers for assistance
3. Tasks
  1. Create a Schoology course and name it “Last Name_CBD.” Video tutorial: click here
  2. Create a folder in your course and name it “Materials”: Video tutorial: click here
    • Add at least one link and one file to your folder. Video tutorial for adding materials: click here
    • Add a discussion to your folder. Video tutorial: click here
  3. Create at least one Gradebook category: Video tutorial: click here
  4. Add an assignment to your folder. Video tutorial: click here
  5. Join the Schoology courses of your colleagues and be sure at least two of them join your course. Video tutorial: click here
  6. Have one of your colleagues complete your assignment and answer the discussion question you posted.
    • View the Gradebook to see how your assignment(s) are presented.
    • Practice grading your assignment(s).
  7. Preview your course from a student’s perspective.  Click on “Course Options, view course as”
  8. Explore the menu tabs of your Schoology course (Materials, Updates, Gradebook, etc.).  Be sure to investigate all of the tabs.
    • Add an update to your course with the following information:
      • In what way(s) could the analytics tab make you and/or your class more efficient and effective?
      • Choose one other menu tab and describe its capabilities and at least one way that you could use it in your class?

If you finish early, here are extension tasks to try:

  1. Explore the course options of your Schoology course.  Be sure to investigate all of the options.
    • Add a page to your course with the following information (Video tutorial: click here):
      • Describe at least three of the course options you discovered.
      • Choose one option that you think would most benefit you and your class and explain why that option would be so beneficial.
  2. Explore student completion rules.  Video tutorial: click here
    • For the items in your “Materials” folder, set up student completion rules. Explore as many different rules as you can.
  3. Create your own badge to give to your class.
    • Make your badge unique to your classroom or school.
    • Give your badge to a member of your course.
  4. Explore the notifications tab within your course.
    • Turn on or off the notifications that you want to receive.
  5. Add the Google Drive app to your Resources.
    • Practice adding files directly from your Google Drive to your course.
  6. Explore one more feature of Schoology that you haven’t investigated yet. Help Guide: click here
    • Write an update in your course describing what you learned from the feature you investigated.  What did you like about it?  What would you improve about it if you could?