screencastify t.i.m.e.

1. Objective

After completing this module, the professional learner will be able to:

  1. Create a video lesson
  2. Share video lessons with students and/or colleagues

Note: this module requires a Chromebook or Chrome browser

2. Support

We would like you to accomplish the tasks listed below.  If you need support, please consider the following resources:

  1. Watching the video tutorial
  2. Following a Screencastify help page (just search your topic): click here
  3. Asking a colleague around you for assistance
  4. Asking one of the CBD trainers for assistance
3. Tasks
  1. Add the Screencastify Chrome extension
  2. Create a tutorial using Screencastify We’d suggest you create a tutorial for a topic you teach
  3. Save the tutorial you created to your Google Drive
  4. Share the video with your colleagues through Google Drive or post it on your LMS


If you finish early, here are extension tasks to try:

  1. Create a second tutorial navigating an educational website. Explain why this website is so great and how it could be helpful to your students or colleagues.
  2. Explore the webcam feature and brainstorm a few ways this could be used in your classroom
  3. Share the video with a colleague through Google Drive or post it to your LMS