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Frankfort Elberta Elementary


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“Technology integration has allowed me to begin my transition from a “deliverer of knowledge” into a catalyst for learning.”

Missy Kittleson wants her students to drive their learning within her classroom.  She plans purposefully, facilitates with fidelity, and reflects thoughtfully.

“Technology integration has allowed me to begin my transition from a “deliverer of knowledge” into a catalyst for learning.  I have always aspired to have a student-centered classroom because I truly believe it is the key to meaningful education; until now this has always seemed like an unattainable goal.  By utilizing technology to enhance and evolve my instruction I’m learning to let go of the “control” I’ve always thought I had to have to ensure my children were learning.” – Missy Kittleson

So what are some of your technology integration highlights from this school year so far?

“My school year has been a whirlwind since I entered the 1:1 environment.  There are two major highlights involving technology that really stand out for me.  The first being the ability to co-teach with some of my colleagues.  Recently, a colleague and I spent an afternoon together teaching the nutrient cycle.  The students were exposed to technology through information gathering on the web, videos using Educanon, interest and understanding surveys using Google Forms, classroom collaboration via a shared Google Doc, along with hands-on activities including crafting and experimenting.  It was a beautiful combination of structure and expectation along with student led exploration and discovery.

The second major highlight I have experienced came with the need to create an authentic learning experience for my 6th grade “tech geniuses”.  I realized early on in the school year that this group of students was unique in their technology talents. Their skills far surpassed my own so I needed to think out of the box if I was going to make any learning experience in my classroom meaningful for them.  Thus the creation of Expert Works LLC, a fictional business whose vision is “students helping students navigate their life”.  The students were presented with a scenario regarding differentiated student ability levels in Google Docs and Google Slides.  The staff took it upon themselves to troubleshoot the best way with which to help solve this problem.  The students ended up creating learning modules based on the needs of each individual learner and contacted a web-designer as a way to deliver their instructional resources.  Feel free to check out all their hard work by following the link to our Expert Works Website.” – Missy Kittleson

What advice would you give aspiring technology integrators?

“Trying and failing is often the best way to learn.  Remember, your students are forgiving, and when you take risks in your learning they are more willing to do the same with theirs.” – Missy Kittleson

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