Ending the Year with Schoology

The end of the school year looms, but alongside the joys of summer break creep the dreads of end-of-year maintenance. On Schoology, this can mean another grand headache…

Unless you know what’s coming!

If your district is using Schoology Enterprise (paid version), this is actually quite simple!

    • Your course(s) will automagically archive once the term ends
    • To find them again, you can simply view archived courses (Course tab > See All > Archived)
    • To save or copy materials to Resources or other Courses, simply open the archived course.
    • Or you can save materials before the course archives

If your district is not on Enterprise (you are a Schoology Basic user), the process will be manual.

    • Save your materials to Resources (if desired)
    • Open the See All menu (Courses tab > See All)
    • Select the settings wheel (gear)
    • Choose “Delete Section” or “Archive Section”
    • Remember, you can always find Archived and Deleted courses and access materials. There is no permanent delete.

For more details on how to accomplish these feats, watch this tutorial video: A Teacher’s Guide to Ending the Year on Schoology

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