my big campus t.i.m.e.

1. Objective

After completing this module, the professional learner will be able to:

  1. Deliver content (assignments, notes, and more) to students through My Big Campus
  2. Store files and links in the My Big Campus Drive and/or Library
  3. Manage My Big Campus groups and members
2. Support

We would like you to accomplish the tasks listed below.  If you need support, please consider the following resources:

  1. Watching the video tutorials throughout the module
  2. Searching for your topic in the My Big Campus Support Center, click here
  3. Asking a colleague around you for assistance
  4. Asking one of the CBD trainers for assistance
3. Tasks
    1. Create a new My Big Campus group and name it “Your Last Name_ Test”
    2. Explore the admin options of your My Big Campus group by clicking “Edit” under the “Admin Options” button
    3. Post an announcement describing at least two of the admin options you discovered.
    4. Explore your notification preferences and set them as you wish.
    5. Add a YouTube video to your Drive
    6. Create a “Bundle” and include the following:
      • A file from your device
      • A text
      • A You Tube video
      • To watch the video tutorial, click here
    7. Publish your bundle and send it to your group as a resource
    8. Create a piece of “Schoolwork”
      • Click “Create” and choose “Schoolwork”
      • Be sure to add at least 3 different question types
      • Assign your “Schoolwork” to your test group

    If you finish early, here are extension tasks to try:

    1. Explore the My Big Campus calendar
      • What options does the calendar give you?
    2. Create a rubric in your Drive
      • Write an announcement describing what you liked about the rubric feature.  Also, give one suggestion for improvement
    3. Explore one more feature of My Big Campus that you haven’t investigated yet
      • Write an announcement in your group describing what you learned from the feature you investigated.  What did you like about it?  What would you improve about it if you could?