What is problem based learning?


In Project Based Learning (PBL), students go through an extended process of inquiry in response to a complex question, problem, or challenge. While allowing for some degree of student “voice and choice,” rigorous projects are carefully planned, managed, and assessed to help students learn key academic content, practice 21st Century Skills (such as collaboration, communication & critical thinking), and create high-quality, authentic products & presentations.

– The Buck Institute


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A Problem Based Lesson implements all of the elements below.

A Need to Know

Students perceive a need to know the material through relevant projects and challenges that relate to them. Begin with the end product in mind, which creates a context and reason to learn the concepts.

A Driving Question

Focus student’s work, deepen the learning on a significant issue, question, or problem.

Student Voice and Choice

Allows students to makes choices, which increases engagement by allowing students to express their learning in their own voice.

21st Century Skills

Students use higher-order thinking. These skills include collaboration, communication, critical thinking, and using technology. These skills support workforce readiness skills.

Inquiry and Innovation

Inquiry should lead students to construct an idea, an interpretation, a new way to display what they have learned.

Feedback and Revision

Teacher and peer critique improve the quality of the products and teach students that most people’s first attempts don’t result in high quality and that revision is a frequent feature of real work work.

A Publicly Presented Product

Students demonstrate what they’ve learned and present it to a real audience, with real products that people outside school use.


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