Transformation Orientation

becoming student-centered

  • Craft


    the definition of student-centered learning

  • Examine

    the purpose of K-12 education

  • Explore

    innovative instruction and tech integration

  • Plan

    student-centered learning goals

  • Create

    dynamic activities and lessons

event resources

view the agenda, presentations, and other event links and activities


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Project-Based Learning Session Resources

Templates and Docs

Brainstorm Your Standard (Template)
Scope and Sequence (Template – Semester)
Scope Overview (Template – Unit)
Agenda Document (Template)
Storyboard (Template)
Critical Friends Activity (Template)
Lesson Learned Activity (Template)

Additional Resources and Examples

Knows & Need-to-Knows

Part 1 Document (click to view)
Part 2 Document (click to view)


Station Rotation Materials

You will not need to access these materials digitally because the necessary items will be provided, but you may view them here for reference and to utilize the links, if desired.

Click here to view the Google Doc.

Lesson Plan Template

Click here to view and use the template.
Click here to make your own copy (if the above link does not work).

Additional Blended Learning Resources and Links

Articles and Websites
Content/Curriculum Resources


Participants in this session should access the following resources (click the link) for all of our activities. These resources will be utilized throughout the session for all of our various experiences. Plan to keep the page open and available.

Active Learning Session Activities

Share a Lesson

Idea Showcase

As a whole group, we will participate in a showcase at the end of the event. To begin your participation, open the following Google Slide and create a slide for yourself.

Showcase Slide Show

Share Your Lesson

To share your lesson, unit, or activity idea, click the appropriate button below. To view lessons others have shared, click the link indicated.

BEFORE YOU SHARE, make sure that you have recorded a quick video explanation of your lesson or activity (use this Flipgrid Topic to record, then copy the link to your recording). You can paste the link to your recording in your lesson/unit document.

Click Here to View Elementary Teacher Lessons

Share a Lesson - Elementary

Click Here to View Secondary Teacher Lessons

Share a Lesson - Secondary

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