Successful classroom transformation is a two-part equation

Transforming Classrooms ➔

design & engineering

We take a holistic approach to technology reformation.

Transforming Educators ➔

professional development

We focus on improving implementation and training.

What We Do

We help clients enhance learning environments and leverage the power of technology in a way that is practical and affordable. For us, it’s not about transactions, it’s about transformations. We believe that each district is unique, and in order to support their individual needs, we begin by building authentic relationships.

Energized and Enthusiastic.

From the bottom of my heart, I would like to thank for you treating my staff like the kings and queens they really are!  We so enjoyed our time at CBD and every teacher I spoke with came back energized and enthusiastic about this upcoming year.  We appreciate all you’ve done and what you continue to do.

Jennifer Mayes | Principal | Manchester Community Schools

Informative, Engaging and Insightful.

I already know you are well aware of the team you have at CBD, but as I sit here at Day 1 of your training for Hamilton Elementary teachers, I wanted to share that both Erik and Rebecca are extremely impressive. Their presentation is informative, engaging and insightful. It is a pleasure to connect and partner with GREAT people.

Craig Hoekstra | Principal | Hamilton Community Schools

Outstanding Training.

A heartfelt thanks for the outstanding training you provided to us. From all the creature comforts to the gourmet food, you made us feel like professionals. Most importantly though, my head is still swimming with things to do and things to learn. I left with the confidence that I have the support to be successful. Thanks for all you do, I am looking forward to partnering with you.

Gail Falcinelli | Teacher | Rockford Public Schools

Informative and Productive Trainings.

Your hospitality and excellent accommodations were unexpected and so appreciated by our team. Thank you so much for the informative and productive trainings at your beautiful cbd facility. I look forward to work with you as Ludington Schools transforms our learning environment.

Jan Jackoviak | Principal | Ludington Area Schools

Felt at Ease.

I just wanted to take a moment to compliment you on adding another strong member to your business. I had the chance to work with Pete Grostic and just like everyone else in your company, I immediately felt at ease. Pete was there to help in any way without being pushy. He clearly understood what I wanted to do, recognized what may or may not help and listed very well.

Abe Overway | Teacher | Spring Lake Public Schools

Incredibly Helpful.

I want to take a minute to thank you all at CBD for the help, guidance, support you provide. You have been incredibly helpful, accessible, supportive, approachable and… well, motivating helping me (and others) feel we can get things figured out. I am ever so thankful for this.

Judy Bussey | Teacher | Ludington Area Schools

On Time and Under Budget.

I have had the privilege of working with CBD for the past 10 years. We have been able to accomplish things on very tight timelines because of their experience in project planning, bid construction and project management. This has been true for every project we have done in conjunction with CBD, with all projects finishing on time and under budget.

Jeff McNutt | Director of Technology | Plainwell Community School

More Prepared Than Ever.

When I came to Ada, I did not know that the experience that I was about to receive would change my life. I can feel myself transform from the ideas you present and the seed that you planted in me. It is a little intimidating because I see what the task is ahead for all educators but I do feel more prepared than ever to truly be an effective part of positive change.

Daniel Lee | Digital Specialist | Clayton County Public Schools

We built momentum.

I really have to give CBD a lot of the credit for helping us develop and get to where we are right now. And the exciting thing is, they didn’t just walk away they’re still part of us and will be taking us to the next level where we’re actually going to be buying and implementing this plan over hopefully the next several months and actually several years.

Gary Feenstra | Former Superintendent | Zeeland Public Schools