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After years of supporting school districts and coaching teachers within those school districts, we have come to realize the demand for more compelling professional development opportunities that can be made available to anyone, anywhere, any time. To meet that demand, we are building such experiences as 1-day seminars, multi-week virtual workshops, and online self-paced modules. These experiences will focus on practical topics that elevate instructional practices like project-based learning, blended learning, teaching through feedback, differentiating, infusing purpose and authenticity, inquiry-based learning, flexible seating, and more!

Join us and thousands of other teachers looking to change the landscape of education.

Master Class Seminars

We offer 1-day, face-to-face seminars focused on a compelling topic in teaching and learning. These seminars provide opportunity for teachers to dive deeper into the topic, explore and build strategies to implement in the classroom, and collaborate and network with other like-minded teachers.

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The best Professional Development is a compelling conversation with another teacher.

Virtual Workshops

We are currently building a dynamic selection of virtual workshops. Over the course of 2-4 weeks, participants will dive into a specific topic focused around elevating the classroom experience. CBD instructional and technology coaches will facilitate a virtual experience that is both flexible and interactive, leveraging various forms of digital communication to support collaboration between participants.

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Meeting students’ needs begins with supporting teachers’ efforts.

Online Modules

Looking to expand knowledge on a certain topic, enhance implementation of a specific strategy, or refine skills with a particular tool? Our Online Modules are self-paced learning experiences that guide participants through resources and tasks aligned to a topic, strategy, or technology tool to support teachers’ efforts to elevate their classroom experiences. Participants can complete any module at any time, and new modules are constantly in production to better meet teachers’ needs. Check back often or subscribe to receive updates to learn about new modules.

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The best support is the support we receive when we need it most.

PBL Academy

A 3-day Project Based Learning training for K-12 teachers (open to all!). Availability is limited with discounts also available for a limited time. Pricing options include local (West Michigan) and out of town. The experience has proven valuable to those new to PBL as well as neck-deep in PBL practices and pedagogy.

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