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Our Instructional Technology Coaches are available to meet virtually with any educators interested in talking teaching and learning. We brainstorm strategies, collaborate on projects, troubleshoot concerns, and more. Enter our virtual office with a single click, and let us support you today!

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Transforming Learning by CBD, our podcast launched in 2018, showcases innovative teaching and learning ideas shared by K-12 teachers and grapples with the compelling implications of a Student-Centered classroom. Find us on all the major podcast apps and services or

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The Communications by Design Master Classes are professional development opportunities built for teachers of all experiences and backgrounds who want to dive deeper into high impact instructional strategies and innovative ideas. We offer everything from 1-day seminars and multi-week virtual workshops to complete online modules, each event or opportunity targeting a specific strategy or idea. To learn more or register for an event, visit

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The Tech Tools Database is a collection of the latest and greatest teaching and learning websites, apps, and resources, recommended by teachers and curated by our own coaching team to highlight the most practical and effective tools to support your classroom. Visit any time at

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One Classroom is a crowd-sourced effort to share as many dynamic lessons and strategies as possible for teachers to implement to any degree desired in their own classrooms. All ideas come directly from a teacher in a classroom, and items are organized by grade level and subject area. This is a living project that is constantly growing, so bookmark this page and return often to benefit from the latest and greatest ideas shared by teachers!

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The CBD Blog is home to a large variety of resources and ideas, from tech tips for common edtech tools to critical examinations of education trends and research today. To read more, visit