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How Can Our Technology Planning Team Help Your District?

Where do your technology initiatives stumble? Is the vision clear? Will it lead your district toward long-term achievement? Are budgets predictable and achievable? How is community support and the bonding process? Most importantly, will the initiatives meet student needs?

Consider that technology goes through a complete change revolution every 45-60 days. Communications By Design creatively establishes a Technology Plan that addresses the present and future needs of all students. Flexible and adaptive solutions for your district today!

How does it work?

Site Visits

The best way to develop a plan that aligns with the vision for your district is to put ourselves in your shoes. That’s why we come to you! During our site visits, we take an analysis of your current facilities as well as input from your administrators, teachers, students and community to develop a comprehensive roadmap to reach your district’s goals.


With over two decades of experience in accurately budgeting for public technology projects, we understand how crucial a solid plan is to the scope of the project. Through collaboration with IT, Curriculum Directors and other district staff, we will formulate an accurate, detailed and individualized budget plan within your district guidelines.

Community Messaging

This is one of the most important, yet overlooked components of technology planning. However, if you hope to be successful, you need the support of your community. We make sure that your messaging is concise, consistent and compelling. From websites and social media messaging to newsletters and pamphlets, we are experienced in leveraging knowledge and passion to get your community informed and on board.

Bond Planning

Bond planning can be an overwhelming and complicated process. If your bond is state-qualified, CBD can assist you in completing the Pre-Qualification Treasury Application as well as guide you through the Treasury Hearing and community involvement.


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