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One simple strategy to improve student effort

This research-supported mental strategy helps students, as well as adults, to set goals, improve effort, and overcome challenges in order to make meaningful change. W.O.O.P., developed by researcher Gabrielle Oettingen, stands for Wish, Outcome, Obstacle, Plan.

The case for accepting late work

The new year is a great time to reflect and make adjustments to our instruction, classroom management, and grading practices.  Accepting late work without academic penalty helps students focus on learning and develops mastery.


Help students say goodbye to test anxiety

Stress and anxiety might start surging for you and your student this time of year, so try out these three simple, research-supported strategies to reduce stress and test anxiety and actually boost academic performance!


, elementary students repeated words of ...

Are you grading for learning or points?

As the semester winds down and you prepare to submit final grades, you may find yourself grading piles of papers while students attempt to turn in late work at the final hour.  This can be stressful and overwhelming and does little to improve learning. It doesn't have to be this way! If you are feeling the end-of-the-marking-period crunch, here ...

Is PBL more than “doing projects”?

While supports the benefits of project-based learning (or PBL), it’s not entirely without criticism. PBL is sometimes confused with "doing projects": fun activities at the end of a unit that are often disconnected from content standards and curriculum. PBL is also accused of taking a heavily constructivist approach to learning, and some crit...

Five strategies for fast and effective feedback

Last week, I shared some thoughts on giving more effective feedback to students.  Today, I’m discussing teachers’ #1 complaint about grading: TIME.   In a day already filled with competing priorities, it’s difficult to find time to grade student work.  I know first-hand the fee...

One simple strategy to make learning valuable

“Why do we have to learn this?” “When am I ever going to use this?” You might dread hearing these questions, but our students are simply seeking to find value in their learning.  As an adult, I feel the same.  I have little patience to pu...

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