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Why Coaching Academy?

Participants will gain:

A repertoire of coaching questions and moves for even the most challenging situations

New strategies to connect with hard-to-reach teachers

A professional network of instructional coaches

Experience includes:

One year of online coaching support from Communications by Design

Recommendations for scheduling, tracking, and reporting meetings

Hand-picked books to further your development as a coach

How does it work?

Spend two days at our fabulous instructional learning center in Grand Rapids, MI

Gather with other instructional and edtech coaches and leaders

Learn from our team of expert coaches in highly interactive and collaborative activities

Plan precise strategies and approaches to address the most challenging aspects of coaching

Enjoy food and beverages throughout the event, including catered lunches

What will your learn?

  • Grow knowledge of and practice of a variety of coaching strategies for any scenario
  • Develop and interact with a personal network of K-12 instructional coaches
  • Understand the process of adopting and supporting change within an organization and for individuals
  • Recognize how implicit biases influence our thoughts and behaviors and how to effectively coach within such considerations
  • Identify how innate tendencies and motives like personality influence decisions and how to engage with such nuance


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