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How Can Our Implementation Services Team Help Your District?

What are your biggest obstacles? Organizing projects, protocols, and deadlines? Installing, testing, and documenting systems? How about auditing and deploying processes or inventories?

We schedule contractors, assuring just-in-time delivery and accurate installation and programming of equipment, attending to evolving specifications of hardware, and guaranteeing thorough clean-up and restoration of the environment. From network electronics to file-servers and PCs, we’ve got it covered.

How does it work?

Project Management

Once your project is underway, our project managers will set and communicate clear expectations, protocols and deadlines to contractors, making sure that the project progresses smoothly and efficiently. We will conduct regular progress meetings, facilitate communications to ensure that the work being done is within timeline and budget guidelines. Once the project is complete, CBD will remain with you to ensure proper quality standards are maintained, warranty details are documented and appropriate staff training is completed.

System Testing & Documentation

Before a project gets our stamp of approval, we will walk through the facility to make sure that the installations are up to our high standards and working properly. After testing is complete, the Owner is furnished with testing documentation as well as warranty and follow up information for all installed systems.

Payment Processing and Accounting

CBD works throughout a project to efficiently audit, approve and track all related expenditures including AIA contract payment requests, change orders, project allowances and misc. invoices. Our online tracking tool is accessible to the Owner 24/7 and is reviewed quarterly with the finance department to ensure the project is on track with the overall budget.

Device Deployment

CBD has developed and organized a seamless plan to assist clients in the deployment of 1:1 computing devices. From selecting the appropriate device to getting that device in the hands of students, CBD works closely with the IT department to ensure a smooth and successful integration with the district’s current systems and network security policies.

Device Deployment Details

Seamless start-to-finish large scale deployment requires thorough planning and precise execution.

Device Selection Competitive Bidding Processes

Student Device Handbook Creation

Informational Parent Meetings

Device Preparation Protocols

Student Information Systems Integration

Wireless Protocols & Content Filtering

Mobile Device Management Selection & Implementation

Device Accessories & Software Systems

Ongoing Ownership Budgeting, Device Insurance & Refresh Plans

Student & Staff Training

Ongoing IT Department Organization


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