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Team Spotlight: Amy Jimenez

  What's your role/title at Communications by Design? Professional Learning Consultant--I work directly with teachers, helping them tackle challenges...

Student problem-solving strategy: Flip It!

Flip It is a great strategy for both students and adults! Turn negative thoughts into positives, and end with specific action steps for improvement. Learn more in this video or read the transcript below.

What it is

Flip It is a strategy from

The purpose is to cr...

20 FREE Tech Tools to Support Reading and Writing

With so many Chrome extensions, apps, and add-ons, finding the right tool can feel overwhelming.  We’ve sifted through the clutter to bring you 20 different tools (mostly free Google Chrome extensions) that can help you and your students with reading, writing, and note-taking online.   Many of these tools are helpful...

Improve comprehension and critical thinking with this one reading strategy

Teaching reading skills is HARD WORK. No matter the grade level or subject area, every teacher needs effective ways to help students make sense of complex texts. If you have students who struggle with comprehension, building inferences, and making connections, this three-part strategy will help! We've got a video for you and a written transcript ...

How to get your students to talk online

Building rich class discussions is HARD!  And in a virtual environment, getting students to click that “unmute” button can feel nearly impossible!   If you feel like you’re just talking to yourself in Zoom and spending far too much energy coaxing one-word responses from your st...

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