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More doing, less talking about doing

My students saw the note on the board and knew what was coming. They filed into the room like a herd of depressed cattle squeezed from the open range into confined stalls. They fired up their flashy new digital computing devices and slouched back in their seats in drab anticipation of the coming technology lesson tha...

Best “While You Were Out” strategy ever!

If you are like me, you despise with immeasurable loathing the question “What did I miss yesterday?” If you are like me, you do everything you can to avoid answering that question, even if it means shutting off the lights, hiding in a closet, and eventually crawling out the window.

Stop teaching students. Start helping students learn!

An honest consideration of truly student-driven learning should be uncomfortable. Great teachers are thus, not because they are profoundly accomplished in their respective fields, but because they understand and care about students and in such an understanding, must hesitate at the suggestion of bestowing greater fle...

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