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Is PBL more than “doing projects”?

While supports the benefits of project-based learning (or PBL), it’s not entirely without criticism. PBL is sometimes confused with "doing projects": fun activities at the end of a unit that are often disconnected from content standards and curriculum. PBL is also accused of taking a heavily constructivist approach to learning, and some crit...

Know and need-to-know: the secret to sustained, student-led learning

Have you ever put hours into planning a new unit, feeling excited about the content and activities, only to have students express disinterest from day one?  It’s so discouraging! This project-based learning activity can turn your entire unit 180 degrees–providing opportunities for students to direct their learning!  Now, I’m not promising you will...

What is PBL?

You've probably heard buzz about project-based learning, but what exactly IS it? PBL is a lot more than "doing projects."  Watch the video below to learn what it is (and is not) and read about some of the positive outcomes of PBL .

The most important question to ask when starting PBL

When you start a new unit, do your students know what they will be doing and learning?  Do they understand why?  And do they have a say in any of it? Implementing a driving question can help you answer ‘YES” to each of these questions. 

What is a driving question?

The d...

Student-created Podcasts

Over half of Americans listen to podcasts, so chances are you do too!  Podcasts are popular for entertainment, news, or education. But, have you thought about having your students create their own podcasts?  This may sound intimidating, but creating a podcast doesn’t have to require special skills or equipment beyond...

Student-Created Websites

A student-created website is just one of many ways students can share their work with the world while also providing a forum for creative expression.  A student-created website continues to help them learn communication skills such as presentation, expression, writing, vocabulary, and more. Websites can be a great pu...

What is PBL Academy?

Our project-based learning academy is designed for ALL K-12 teachers. In this three-day experience, participants plan their own PBL unit st...

A Simple Strategy to Manage Projects Better

Motivated by a conversation I recently had with a middle school social studies teacher…

The Context

This middle school social studies class is doing some fairly sizeable and complex projects (the normal stuff when you think about s...

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