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Author Since: May 31, 2017
One potent way to grow student mastery


Student engagement for teachers is like light speed for space travelers. It isn’t a question of reaching it as much as getting as close to it as possible. 
Showcasing the Struggle

This one comes from a middle school math intervention teacher. In an effort to give students something interesting to showcase at their end-of-year event, she conjured a fascinating activity that ended up inspiring an even greater endeavor. Here’s the story.

Let Tech Help: Organization and Efficiency

This is the first installment of a short blog series I am going to publish on how educators (and anyone, really) can let technology help better achieve their goals. Stay tuned (or ) for more in this series!

Getting Organized

The Most Important Skill: Networking

My Premise

In a by Jill Schleshinger (Business Analyst for CBS News), “Is College Worth It?”, Jill briefly reflects on the advantages of prestigious colleges. In a word, the advantage is network
A Simple Strategy to Manage Projects Better

Motivated by a conversation I recently had with a middle school social studies teacher…

The Context

This middle school social studies class is doing some fairly sizeable and complex projects (the normal stuff when you think about s...

That’s a Motivation Problem

A bit of context

If you are an educator, then you have thought at least one of the following every year (month? week? day?!) of your career.
  • I would LOVE to grade less… if my students would sti...

3 Tips to Increase Community Engagement

You heard Carrie Moeggenberg on our talk about community engagement in Ludington Area Schools (that econ class example was awesome!). But social studies aside, many find it difficult to connect what they are learning about with the community at large. Based on conversations with innovative educators like Carrie Moeggenberg, I want to share a few ...

3 things you can do today to improve motivation and engagement

I was meeting with a high school ELA teacher last week who confided in me her lamentations about the unit she was teaching at the time. Literary Analysis. You can readily imagine the situation. She dreads the unit every year. It’s boring for students, uninteresting to grade, and generally considered one of the driest...

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