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Five strategies for fast and effective feedback

Last week, I shared some thoughts on giving more effective feedback to students.  Today, I’m discussing teachers’ #1 complaint about grading: TIME.   In a day already filled with competing priorities, it’s difficult to find time to grade student work.  I know first-hand the fee...

The secret to helping students feel like they BELONG

Educators, let me ask you a question: Where do you feel you most BELONG? At a coffee shop catching up with a friend? In the garden? Reading bedtime stories to your kids? In your classroom? I'm going to guess this is also the place where you feel confident trying new th...

Three ways to gain students’ trust

As our students head back to the classroom, emotions can run high, cycling between excitement and fear.  From the moment they first walk into the classroom, students are evaluating teacher credibility, consciously or unconsciously asking: 

Four tips for better meetings

The new school year is just around the corner and that means you are probably preparing for many teachers’ least favorite events: meetings.  But--it doesn’t have to be this way!   Productive and positive staff meetings are shown to boost morale, lower stress and frustrations, a...

The most important question to ask when starting PBL

When you start a new unit, do your students know what they will be doing and learning?  Do they understand why?  And do they have a say in any of it? Implementing a driving question can help you answer ‘YES” to each of these questions. 

What is a driving question?

The d...

Team Spotlight: Amy Jimenez

  What's your role/title at Communications by Design? Professional Learning Consultant--I work directly with teachers, helping them tackle challenges...

Student problem-solving strategy: Flip It!

Flip It is a great strategy for both students and adults! Turn negative thoughts into positives, and end with specific action steps for improvement. Learn more in this video or read the transcript below.

What it is

Flip It is a strategy from

The purpose is to cr...

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