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Leveraging the Science of Learning

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Our Elevating Instruction Facilitators Will Help You…

Align teaching and learning vision with sound practice

Discover the learning process for students of all ages and abilities and leverage social learning for higher achievement.

Increase student ownership in their learning.

Plan and create effective lessons, strategies, and resources

How does it work?

One day with your colleagues at our fabulous Instructional Learning Center

Food (including lunch) and beverages are provided throughout the day

Learn from our expert facilitators as well as in-depth discussion and collaboration with your colleagues

Experience classroom-ready activities and resources to incorporate into your instruction

Explore and incorporate ideas in whole-group learning and activities, small group discussions and protocols, and individual building and planning time

What will you learn?

  • Demystify the learning process for students of all ages and abilities
  • Develop effective student self-management and learning habits
  • Increase students’ ownership of academic effort
  • Increase student retention of content knowledge
  • Leverage social learning for higher student achievement


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