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Developed by James Macanufo, SQUID (Sequential Question and Insight Diagram), is a question and answer diagramming activity for tracking a discussion or investigation over time.


The SQUID process involves moving fluidly between the two key phases, questioning and answering, while documenting and mapping the ideas in each phase. The end result of the mapping tends to create a squid-like visual but can be structured as desired.

The teacher begins with the topic or concept written on one side (or top) of a large blank space.

  • Question mode: Students, individually or in groups, write questions related to the topic on sticky notes. Once written, students share questions as they stick them on the board. Duplicates can be grouped together.
  • Answer mode: Students, again individually or in groups, respond to questions by writing answers on sticky notes. Once written, students share as they stick answers on the board, drawing lines from the question being answered to the sticky that answers it.
  • *This process is then repeated, with the next question mode asking questions specifically about the answers already posted. Repeat as many times as desired.

The teacher may want to organize questions and answers at the end of the activity and ask students to reflect on insights gained or questions still unanswered.


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