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Also called the Two-Minute Interview, 2×10 is an intensive behavioral intervention developed by Raymond Wlodkowski (author of Living a Motivated Life and Diversity and Motivation) designed to improve engagement and motivation with the hardest to reach students.


Because of its intensive nature, 2×10 is a strategy to hold in reserve for only the most challenging students who are not responding to other more general interventions. 2×10 consists of, after identifying a student in need of additional intervention, 10 class days in a row of 2 full minutes of sustained interaction on non-academic topics of personal interest to the student.

The success of the strategy depends on both the consistent and sustained duration as well as the topic of conversation. This conversation must not be consequential or punitive, either in terms of behavioral or academic difficulties. Instead, it must demonstrate sincere intent to connect and know the student better.


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