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3-2-1 is a quick strategy that aids reflection by providing a structure for students to summarize, organize and integrate what they are learning. It can help promote reflection and metacognition.


After the learning experience, provide your students with prompts similar to the following:

  • 3 things I learned today
  • 2 things I found interesting (ideas, connections, main points) not directly covered
  • 1 question I still have about the material

Students may write their responses on index cards, a graphic organizer like the one below, or on blank paper. They can turn them in as exit tickets. They may also be asked to complete their 3-2-1s as a brief homework assignment to be used as an admission ticket the next time class meets.


For an editable lesson reflection template in Google Slides, view the graphic organizer here

For an editable project reflection template in Google Docs, view the graphic organizer here

Watch the video:

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