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4 Questions of Inquiry

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Four Questions of Inquiry is a brief reflection strategy for students that can be done independently, in partners, or in small groups.


The four questions are as follows:

  1. Where am I going in my learning? This helps to address the students’ understanding of project expectations. When recorded, teachers can gain valuable insight into what students believe their responsibilities and tasks are and correct any misconceptions.
  2. Where am I now in my learning? This question directly addresses students’ current understandings. It will help them and you see if they are on track or falling behind. This question also helps clarify the gap between where they are going and where they are now, which supports question three.
  3. What next steps am I going to take in my learning? This question helps formulate a path from where the student is now to where the student is going. Independently, or with your support, students can then set up benchmarks and checkpoints as necessary.
  4. How do I improve my learning and that of others? This final question promotes metacognition and self-regulation. When students truly interact with this question, they will pinpoint work habits that can be improved and more readily notice when they’ve inhibited the learning of others. This question also supports positive classroom culture. It compels students to consider whether contributing positively to the class learning environment or distracting from it.

Consider having students record their answers to these questions with a video recording tool, with an audio recording tool, or by just writing down their answers on paper or typing into a digital doc.


Watch the video:

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