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Feedback Analysis

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First written about by business and productivity thinker Peter Drucker, Feedback Analysis is a self-management strategy for identifying gaps and recognizing strengths.


According to Daniel Pink’s summary (below), Feedback Analysis includes two simple steps.

First, have students write about their expectations for a given project, test, or period of time (like a week or month or a term). Ensure that their writing includes reflection on what they think the outcomes will be and what they will or will not do during that time. Have them then save the writing for later review.

Second, when the predetermined time arrives, have students return to that writing. In reflection, ask students to think about how the true outcomes differed from or affirmed their expectations. Ask them to consider how the outcomes demonstrated strengths or weaknesses and/or why their expectations did or did not match the reality. Remember to have students focus on their own efforts and actions that may or may not have influenced the outcomes.


Watch Daniel Pink’s summary here:
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