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Inspired by Garth Trask and David Theune, teachers from Spring Lake, Michigan, Go Live! is a publishing and sharing strategy that seeks to add value by leveraging the power of a live audience.


Go Live! is a simulcasting strategy, the basic concept behind any live feed sharing of content. As an approach to publishing student writing, Go Live! seeks to place students in the live seat to read aloud their writing to an active audience.

One way to implement this strategy is to set up in the classroom a share chair or hot seat. One at a time, students occupy the share chair, reading aloud their writing to the camera. For students who may be unable to share their face or image live, have them read off-camera or have the teacher or another student read their writing.

Live sharing can be accomplished through many resources, including familiar social media platforms like Facebook or Instagram as well as Youtube. Teachers are advised to use a camera of reasonable quality with a strong microphone so that students can be clearly heard. Most relatively new phones are more than adequate in both categories. When using a phone, teachers should mount the phone in a fixed location.

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