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Pyramid of Writing Priorities

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From Dave Stuart Jr., the Pyramid of Writing Priorities is a guiding strategy for how often to assign various degrees of writing tasks. 


The Pyramid of Writing Priorities begins with daily writing tasks and climbs toward monthly writing tasks as follows:

Daily writing = provisional writing tasks (brief writing to support learning)

Weekly writing = readable writing tasks (clarified, organized thinking in on-demand essays or responses)

Monthly writing = polished writing tasks (implement an extended writing process where tasks are improved through revision and editing and shared with real audiences)

For the tasks noted above, daily writing is generally unconcerned with accuracy or mechanical soundness and not shared with others. Readable writing is concerned with basic mechanical priorities and may be shared with teachers or peers but is not formally revised or edited. Polished writing, then, represents more sustained writing projects that are revised and edited and ultimately intended for authentic audiences beyond just the teacher or peers (when possible).


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