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Quadrant Reflection

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In its simplest form, a quadrant reflection is an objective evaluation of a particular idea along two related continuums simultaneously. The intent of the reflection is to both evaluate the idea and reflect upon how to further the idea along one or both of the continuums.


The quadrant part of the activity applies to the visual created by placing the two continuums perpendicular to each other on an X and Y axis so that four quadrants are created.

Consider first the idea upon which you want students to reflect. Determine two different criteria by which the ideas will be evaluated. Then set up a visual to display the quadrant with both continuums clearly labeled.

Have students post their ideas on the grid, considering how they would evaluate the idea based on both criteria at the same time (y-axis for one and x-axis for the other) then share where they placed their idea on the grid and explain their justification for that evaluation. As students share and reflect, either as a whole group or in smaller groups (depending on the above consideration), have students discuss how an idea might be improved by furthering it along one or both of the continuums.


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