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Speed Boat

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Speed Boat is an individual reflection or group/class feedback strategy designed to clearly identify problems and move toward solutions.


This strategy can be used for individual reflection on progress or group or class feedback. In either case, the goal is to identify “anchors” that are weighing down or inhibiting progress toward a clear goal. In individual situations, it helps to have students reflecting on individual goals. For group situations, consider shared goals.
To implement the strategy:

  • Provide an illustration of a speed boat (for visualization purposes) with the clear goal and reflection question. The common reflection question for this activity is “What is slowing down or inhibiting progress toward [the goal]?”
  • Draw anchors from the boat, and have students write on individual sticky notes responses to the reflection question. One response per note.
  • After responses are recorded, instruct students to reflect on how much better or more progress the boat could make without those anchors/weights.
  • In final reflection, have students discuss or individually reflect on how some or all of those weights could be removed.

For individual reflections, encourage students to focus on internal anchors. For group or class reflections, remind students to focus on actionable anchors that both students and the teacher might be able to change. This strategy can be used effectively as feedback for the teacher as well, providing student input on what is inhibiting class success and how the teacher might make changes.


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