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Fully entitled “Staple Yourself to Something”, this strategy seeks to determine and illustrate the complete process of an object or idea from start to finish.


In general, the goal of the strategy is to “explore or clarify a process by following an object through its flow.” This goal can be applied both to behavioral norms and processes as well as academic norms or content area concepts. Consider how the steps below can be applied to different types of classroom considerations.

  1. In groups, assign students an “object” (an idea, concept, behavior, etc.)
  2. Create a visual representation of the object (students might draw on a notecard or page). This serves to help focus the group.
  3. Determine the start and end point of the process (in the example of behavior, this might include the instigation of the behavior and the ultimate consequence)
  4. For any steps in the process, establish what needs to be involved (who is involved? How long does it take? What do we need to know?)
  5. Draw out each step in the process (visual representation of what is happening at each step)
  6. Consider individual reflections explaining the process that was determined

This strategy can easily be used as both a form of assessment after learning and a pre-learning exercise to expose gaps and learning needs/questions.


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