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TAG! is a simple feedback protocol that encourages a balanced variety of feedback on a given project or product.


As a peer feedback strategy, TAG! is effective in situations where students are reviewing other students’ projects or other products. Begin by giving each student four sticky notes and instructing them to write one of the letters of TAG! at the top of each (the fourth being the exclamation mark). As students browse other student work, they will place one of their sticky notes on a project and write a brief note that corresponds with the type of feedback for that note.

The four types of feedback are as follows:

  • T = tell something you like
  • A = ask a question
  • G = give a suggestion
  • ! = anything else you would like to say

Additionally, instruct students to place a given type of feedback only if that type is not already present so that each student project will end up with every type of feedback.


Watch a brief overview of the strategy here:

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