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WOOP (Wish, Outcome, Obstacle, Plan) is a problem-solving strategy that encourages identifying clear obstacles and actionable solutions.


The WOOP process includes reflecting on 4 steps and is most effective with a simple graphic organizer or guided notes. The steps in the process proceed as follows:

  1. Wish: for this step, identify the goal, purpose, or ultimate desire. This step is focused on the ideal.
  2. Outcome: for this step, imagine the best possible outcome or desired result. This step is focused on how it might feel to accomplish the wish.
  3. Obstacle: for this step, consider what internal obstacles obstruct progress toward the wish and outcome. This step is focused explicitly on internal and controllable obstacles.
  4. Plan: for this step, set a plan for what to do when the obstacles appear. This step is focused on planning action that can be accomplished based on obstacles that can be controlled.

The best results of this strategy will be achieved by setting a timeframe for implementation and a cadence of accountability with check-ins and/or reflections.


Practice the WOOP step-by-step process at

For more resources on implementing WOOP in the classroom, visit

Watch a brief overview here:

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