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  1. Visit to create a free account and download the Chrome extension
  2. Launch the extension to setup microphone and camera access
  3. Record your screen, webcam, or both
  1. Once recorded, edit video details like title, description
  2. Add timestamped comments for more precise details and descriptions
  3. Trim videos, including removing sections in the middle (or at any point)
  4. Share with the link provided or by embedding or downloading
  5. Change privacy settings and password protect

  1. Once recorded, videos can be organized with folders (up to 25 total videos in the free/basic account) – drag and drop videos to move into folders
  2. When the video limit has been reached (free/basic accounts only), older videos will automatically archive
  3. Videos can also be downloaded for long-term saving or storage


Remember that additional support and resources can be found using the resources linked at the top of this page or by consulting with your Communications by Design coach.

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