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Make videos engaging and interactive with Edpuzzle!

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Make videos engaging and interactive with Edpuzzle!

Earlier this week, I shared how screencasts can help your lessons continue outside of the classroom.  Today, I’m sharing a tech tool that engages students in video and provides analytics to the teacher on student progress. 

Edpuzzle (

When using video for instruction, students might not know which parts are especially important.  Edpuzzle allows you to make notes within the video to point out or elaborate on information and require students to recall, practice, and apply as they are watching.  

In Edpuzzle, you can upload a video (maybe the screencast you made) or find a video on Youtube and then embed questions and/or comments directly into the video.  As students watch, the video pauses and the question appears; students must answer before they can continue. You also have the option to trim the beginning or end of the video, and students can re-watch as many times as they need.  As a teacher, you can see how much of the video each student watched as well as their responses to each question.  

Click here for a short video tutorial on how to use Edpuzzle.

You can also access instructions and tips at the Edpuzzle help center

Finally, view Edpuzzle’s YouTube channel here, where you can find screencast tutorials for every feature of Edpuzzle! 

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