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The Ultimate Teach-from-Home Resource List

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The Ultimate Teach-from-Home Resource List

Last week, I shared some tips for getting started with remote teaching and some favorite tools to help you use video in your digital classroom. (Screencasting, EdPuzzle, and Flipgrid to be precise.) These will help you set up your digital classroom, stay connected with your students, and provide instruction online.  

Today, I’m bringing you even more ideas!  If you’re looking for additional ways to engage your students in an online learning environment, here are three collections (each full of many more resources!) for learning, connecting, and exploring–all from the safety of home.

The ultimate list

You are probably aware of many edtech companies offering free subscriptions during the COVID-19 pandemic.  But, how do you keep track of these? This site lists all the programs offering free resources at this time. 

Take a field trip 

Google Arts and Culture provides free virtual tours of over 500 different museums and galleries–explore them here.  You can also take virtual tours of significant sites and landmarks around the world. 

And view a smaller, simpler list of virtual field trips here.

“Teach from home” with Google

Google just released a new “Teach from Home” information hub.  If your school uses G Suite for Education, this site will help you find and use the best Google apps to communicate, engage, and teach from home. 

The Communications by Design team is here to help YOU!  Email us at or try our virtual coaching at  

Like these ideas? To learn classroom engagement strategies that make the most immediate impact, we recommend checking out our program, "Fostering Engagement Online Course."

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