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Fostering Student Engagement

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Fostering Student Engagement


For less than the cost of a few coffees, our new and novel student engagement strategies will save you dozens of hours that you frequently spend scouring the internet for classroom resources. What could you do with this extra planning time? Find out why teachers are raving about how these small tweaks have made a major impact.

What topics will we cover?

  • Important findings from key research on motivation and engagement and how to apply them to the classroom
  • Four practical, classroom-ready strategies you can use right away that will increase your students’ engagement and motivation in learning
  • How to recognize and influence the six factors that impact student engagement and motivation the MOST
  • How to grow relationships with students, build student autonomy and initiative, and increase students’ sense of value in their work

How does Micro Learning work?

Once you register, you will receive a welcome email with course access

Select your preference for content delivery: text or email

The next week, course messages will begin via the preference you selected

Each week will include 3-4 brief messages

If you fall behind, no problem! We’ll automatically pause the course for 1 week so you can catch up

Features & Benefits

Professional learning that honors your busy schedule

Practical strategies in only 10-15 minutes per week

Concise and focused lessons

Easy to apply immediately to your classroom

Build a positive and trusting classroom culture

Program cost is fully tax deductible as a qualified expense​

May count towards CEUs – check with your administration

Lifetime access to every lesson


Are you ready to learn how to:

Use social and emotional learning to increase engagement

Improve classroom culture

Recognize the six most important factors that impact engagement and motivation

Increase students' sense of value in their work

Increase fulfillment while reducing stress

Improve relationships with students

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