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Moments of Genuine Connection

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Fashioned by teacher and author Dave Stuart Jr., Moments of Genuine Connection (MGCs) are “encounters [between teacher and student] where the teacher seeks to make the student feel valued, known, or respected.” The goal of such encounters is to establish strong rapport with all students.


To implement Moments of Genuine Connection, as Stuart recommends, simply endeavor to connect with every student in your charge at least once per week for 30 seconds. This can be as brief as a passing “hello and how was the game” in the hallway. To help ensure the strategy is effective and consistent, print a list of your class roster on a single sheet of paper, attach it to a clipboard, and make brief notes next to each student after you have connected. Using the clipboard, you can ensure that you do not miss a student.

(For the hardest to reach students, consider the 2×10 strategy.)


Read more at (or start here)

Administrators, consider these ideas for MGCs with your staff [VIDEO].

Watch Dave Stuart Jr. explain the strategy:

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