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To Your District’s Goals

We believe every school is unique. We align professional learning to your specific needs and goals and with a wide range of budgets.


Online & In-Person

Professional learning that fits your schedule! Our programs are available in-person or fully online with both live and asynchronous components.


Research-Based Programs

We use evidence-based practices and the latest research to ensure your teachers receive the best education possible.

Professional Development Programs On Your Terms

We believe educators are professionals – and we treat them that way!

How many times have your teachers attended PD that was either not helpful or never actually led to changes in instruction? When faced with competing and overwhelming priorities, teachers can feel like they simply don’t have enough time to do their jobs well. We cut through the fog and create clarity by tailoring training to the specific needs of the district and pairing it with ongoing virtual coaching. We’ve worked with over 50 school districts and thousands of teachers, with an average rating of over 9/10. Our professional learning empowers teachers, improves teacher and student motivation, and aligns your vision for teaching and learning with sound practice.

Are your teachers sick of doing everything online? Our PD facilitators will come to you! In addition to our virtual programming, we offer in-person programs everywhere in the continental United States. Because we’ve worked with districts across the nation, we have experience tailoring our programs to fit local, state, and national requirement for continuing education programs.


Meet Your Facilitators

Project Development &
Professional Learning Consultant

Erik is a 10 year veteran of the classroom teaching Math and Science at Forest Hills Public Schools and a 2008 Milken Award Winner with a Masters Degree from Michigan State University in Educational Technology. Erik has been fundamental to the development of our Instructional Learning Center and has worked with hundreds of teachers across the State. One of our clients said it best: “you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink…but Erik has a funny way of making you thirsty!”

Erik Cliff

Director of Professional Learning,
2013 to Present

Pete joined our team in the summer of 2013 after serving Kentwood Public Schools for 7 years as a High School Math teacher. He received his bachelor’s degree from Albion College, his Master’s degree in Educational Leadership and his Specialist in Education and PhD in Educational Leadership from Western Michigan University. As a member of our professional learning team, Pete brings a quiet confidence to his work with teachers. Our work in classroom transformation is a long journey with many ups and downs but Pete does a fabulous job of breaking down the most complex problems into their simplest forms in order to assist each teacher.

Dr. Pete Grostic

Zach Ripley, Communications by Design
Professional Learning Consultant,
2016 to present

Zach Ripley graduated cum laude in ELA Secondary Education from Cornerstone University. Zach was a high school ELA and history teacher at West Michigan Aviation Academy for 5 years where he also developed curriculum, directed online learning, and coached cross country. As a member of our team, his thoughtful and thorough approach to teaching and learning is well grounded and effective with teachers.

Zach Ripley

Ready to Tailor a Program for Your District?

“Six Strategies Proven to Increase Student Engagement"


Explore Our Professional Development Programs & Request a Consultation

Explore Our Professional Learning Programs & Sign Up Online

Using years of top research, we’ve developed a framework for student engagement that any teacher can use to improve student motivation, effort, and achievement. Participants will learn over 20 practical strategies they can start using in class tomorrow!

PBL Academy helps teachers develop authentic learning experiences that engage students in deep, rigorous learning to improve student achievement. Participants experience three unique PBL frameworks, over 15 PBL strategies to implement with their students, and leave with a fully formed PBL unit!

Coaching Academy is designed to expand coaching and leadership skills for instructional and technology coaches. Participants learn essential coaching questions, practice powerful coaching conversations, and workshop real-life coaching scenarios. Coaching Academy is an essential training for anyone in an educational coaching role.

Over the course of 2 days at our fabulous Instructional Learning Center, leadership teams are refreshed, renewed, and revitalized as they refine district goals and set clear team and individual objectives, initiatives, and measures.

This immersive, in-person experience prepares teachers, and thus their students, for an ever-changing future. Leveraging the power of educational technology, teachers will gain knowledge, skills, and strategies to prepare students for success in the classroom and beyond.

Learn about the current landscape of artificial intelligence and its relevance in education for both teachers and students, including how to enhance lesson planning, assessment and feedback, student support and tutoring, and much more!

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